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Terminally Ill or Progressive Disease ?

"MY Final


it's a blessing of sorts that you can exert your will upon the end-that final event of this life The Soundtrack for the End (and leave behind some great sounds) 

SINCE 1993  scores of new friends of this ministry have spent their final    Days LISTENING reviewing and then COMPLETING the 10 Hour audio presentation planned as your audio companion for your final hours- with all the gear you'll need, a kit with ear phones or buds,your final set on an I Pod (on loan) and back-up CD's and by working with our team of thoughtful and caring clergy and sound engineers your final days, if so desired can be spent planning, adding barking dogs, familiar voices and fine tuning , making final  decisions  . . , you could almost be creating right up until the end  (limiting idle periods tending toward fear and sadness)-with a real goal of making this, the Final Event of your life into a Profound and significant event- and should you become comatose your ears are often the final connection -as you wait for the hospitals harsh alarms and commotion announcing your death OR IN THOSE DESPERATE HOURS AS YOUR LOVED ONE STAND VIGIL AT YOUR BEDSIDE , YOU'VE PROVIDED YOUR OWN SOUNDTRACK, NOT YOUR CARE GIVERS SOAP OPERAS Or ONE-SIDED PHONE CALLS PREDICTING YOUR FINAL 

     "YES IT DOES LOOK LIKE I WILL BE AVAILABLE ON WEDNESDAY"           As important is that you will be leaving behind a portrait in sound that will be played and remembered forever

( and our experience is that having this 10 hour sound remembrance helps those who grieve your passing) and BY THE WAY this is all  free *    

*(until the money runs out)                                                                        

Whenever you feel that you need to do more-please think of this "Offbeat" Ministry of good - Your help is needed now to keep our programs going

Chaplain Hale
"Spills the beans..."


I will tell you the secret of why we believe 'My Final Set" works, with the hope that knowing the secret  will encourage you to address your timeline, stay productive and remain part of the scene-sharing and allowing others to experience  your final life event in a 'healthy' manner  and we'll be making this as  a Audio Companion  for use while waiting...if needed to drown out the roar of a hospital or care facility- Your music, records purchased  CD's purchased and received as a gift so much a part of our life and for many of us a cultural and emotional  investment mixed with favorite or significant tunes at special moment the 'defacto soundtrack of your life. It contains clues and special moments to you and you alone.  And if you do end up alone-taking the final ride to that spaceship by yourself -you have that audio there for you-your music - and besides you'll be leaving behind a 10 hour portrait in sound for generations to come to dig your digital files- Oh, that secret I promised is- that we ask you to you work hard along side one of our "Freakin' Deacons"- well, they are actually engineers who will work with you along with with one of our clergy members /musicoligists making artful suggestions to make sure that this will work for you-if, and when you need it-and by working along with us- your mind stays occupied -yup, it's all just a productive diversion when you need one the most (as that you have never died before ) We beg you to work on this 10 hour audio production with us - We will be doing the heavy work  (production) and you being "The Brains"  (planning out 10 hours on any level you feel comfortable ) Instrumentals top the list,  genres from Boogie-Woogie to Bach segment to heart wrenching-Mom's voice one last time, a certain someone reading a poem-your yappie dog -yapping one last time- all good things for your head and you will have asserted your will, made something-one last time and in doing so -remain productive, engaged- and maybe even get your sense of humor back...we have suggestions for that too  If we can help, we will. May you know Mercy
May you Go With Grace

                                                                                                              Chaplain Dennis Keith Hale